Why Use Ki Feedback Pro?
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Improve your Customer Service

Become more engaged with your buyers. Be notified when you need to take action with Automated Feedback reminders.


Get Better Feedback Fast

More feedback means better chances to get more sales. Long term sellers need to maintain feedback and new sellers need it to get started quickly.


Flexible Customization Options

We offer you a big number of customizable options so you can modify the app to fit your unique needs.

By Sellers for Sellers

At Ki-Oui apps, we all have experience selling on eBay and Amazon and know what you need to be successful.

A Plan for Everyone

  • 50
  • 150
  • 1,500
  • 5,000
  • 10,000

Amazon Perfect Orders

One way to increase your feedback on Amazon is to message users to do so. You however have to be smart about who you ask. We are working on only messaging your customers for perfect Orders.

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The Team

Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones

Director of Support Services

Our tough guy in kiOui support takes his work and your work very seriously. It's good to have him on your side.

Lynn Patricia

Lynn Patricia

Lead Designer

I help to make the site be user friendly and look good at the same time. Is there too much green? Be honest.

I am a boardgamer, computer geek, beer geek and, truth be told, a trekkie.

Pankhi Ahluwalia

Pankhi Ahluwalia

Lead Developer

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears



Chief Everything Officer, Mentor

Developer, Owner, Mentor, ....
I love to wear many hats.
I love to travel and discover places on the globe.


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